I wanted him to drop in his tracks, so I aimed dead center of the shoulder. Shot more than a few deer and antelope with 6mm bullets in the 243 and 6mm 100 gr Horn SP and 100 gr Corelokt work well as does the 100 and 95 gr NPT. I went to 100 grain bullets and got exit holes but the deer … Really though I think you need to assess the best shot available. Ammunition was Federal factory 100 grain Partition. Disadvantages of .243 Win. Well-rounded and balanced, the.243 excels at taking down smaller game such as deer and coyotes, but can still eliminate larger targets with proper shot placement. Use the 243 with patience regarding shot placement into the boiler room and you should be fine. But, if you have a choice, we’d recommend something a bit larger. MV from the stubby Model 7 was around 2770fps, range was around 80 yards, impact velocity approximately 2660fps. drop pretty quick that way. I self impose a 250 yard limit on shooting deer with 243. vs. .243 Win. Remember, shot placement is king. Disadvantages of .243 Win. The .243 has become a favorite of hunters who want to shoot varmints, predators and deer size game with the same rifle. Read on to find out. the only arguments im seeing for not shooting that far with a .243 is shot placement, which is gonna be the same whether ur hunting with a .22 lr or a 300 win mag. A powerful shot on the high shoulder vibrates the chest cavity and the other shoulder blade as well. Last week we ran a story extolling the virtues of the .243 Winchester.But how does it stand up to a legendary deer-getter like the .30-30? I have a 243 for my 12 year old, and I hand load the Hornady SSTs for it currently,no shots on deer yet, so I don't have field data first hand, but I did research it enough before choosing it. Especially for white tails. The sun was on the Nebraska horizon and a Mossberg .243 Winchester bolt action was on my shoulder when a herd of November whitetails exploded from a copse of trees and scattered into the Sandhills. However, for … Nosler Partitions in a .243 RCBS (a .243 case based wildcat). The caliber is more than capable if shot placement is right, but that goes for most any caliber. With low recoil and high accuracy, the.243 makes for an excellent starter rifle to cut your teeth on. When I was shooting the 280 it was always high shoulder, bang flop no matter the distance. I have a 270 win and love it. Aiming at the heart and lung is the most forgiving shot because it does not demand 100% accuracy to kill a deer, making it among the top 5 places to shoot a deer. Most years, I shot four deer. The only problem was that these bullets never exited, so would leave no blood trail. Even with a perfectly placed shot with a supposedly more worthy deer round my deer went 7 times further than any deer my son has shot with his .243. vs. .30-06 Springfield Three of the most revered deer-hunting rounds in a head-to-head-to-head comparison By Ron Spomer White-tailed Deer Shot PlacementQDMA’s Kip Adams explains the safest and most effective place to shoot a white-tailed deer whether you are hunting with a bow or a firearm. Loads We mentioned the versatility of the .243 caliber. Simply put, a round fired through a clean bore will almost always impact at a different point that those shots that follow—and that first shot is often the most important you will take in a hunt- … Mannlichter single shot. A 55-grain or 75-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip or Hornady V-Max bullet would do great work against varmints while a 100-grain Sierra Game King could take down any whitetail in North America. The hunting season before last I had a nice buck walking almost straight towards me about 100 yds away. I have seen him kill everything from a turkey to a brown bear with that rifle. A 243 is plenty given proper bullets and shot placement. However, with the added accuracy of this round, shot placement is deadly with practice. The deer would just drop out of the scope. the 85 grain Sierra BTHP, the latter an all purpose bullet for the 243 meaning capable of varmints / predators and with proper shot placement, deer Years of experience with this bullet. If you are capable of placing the shot don't worry about what other people are saying go hunt.gun) Primarily shoot double lung or if the shot is quartering away I aim for the FAR shoulder, where I hunt DRT's aren't as … Shot placement is the key, If you place the round in a vital spot than a .243 is sufficient to kill any deer in the USA. It has also become almost the standard long range deer and antelope cartridge for beginning hunters. Countless Elk have been successfully harvested with the .243 (320kg / 700lb) without fuss. always shoot right behind the shouldr on a broadside shot. A good shot at this part disable the deer front limbs immobilizing it so it does not run away. None of the deer were shot at over 200 yards. But, then again, so will a .22LR (sshhhh). With proper bullet choice, the .243 is an excellent small to medium size game cartridge. A .243 is a good choice for deer. I use 100 gr. My state requires a minimum .25 caliber for deer so the .243 is about unheard of here. sometimes they run sometimes the drop. It will take down anything from small predators or varmints on up to antelope or deer with authority. Taking a shot from 200 yards is a common thing. There are obviously several places you can shoot a deer to kill it, but if you’re interested in a quick, humane kill with a minimal or nonexistent tracking job, and a loss of minimal amount of meat, then read on for a super easy method for ideal shot placement. This is particularly relevant if the shot placement does not result in an instantly paralysing collapse. shot them in the head, shot them on the neck. Some hunters share the sentiment that the .243 just simple isn’t big enough for a true ethical shot. will cycle through almost any short action rifle, whether bolt, lever, pump, or semi-auto. "The .243 Win. Both of these were very accurate rifles — I've had the pleasure of shooting a nice pre-’64 Model 70 in .243 — and could deliver the precise shot placement varmint hunters need. Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Shot placement on a white-tailed deer is critical. I'm running 175 grain core lokts in my 7mm Rem mag right now. The flat-based pro-hunter might hold together just a little better, but either will do the job splendidly on whitetails. Flashing tails, leaping legs, l One shot, head-on through the brisket. Note: All stats are on a scale of 0 to 100. Ask a dozen hunters or shooters, “What’s the most versatile cartridge available?” and you’ll get at least a … Proper shot placement will bring a deer down like a sack of rocks. Ammo There are some hunters who don’t think .243 Winchester rounds are large enough to make an ethical shot. He carried a .243 Win. I agree with what has been posted but primarily for me where I am hunting and how far the deer is determines what shot I am taking. At 15 one of my dad's friends taught me to really shoot. A friend of mine has used a .243 Winchester, and bags a deer every year, with no drama involved with tracking either. I have since moved to a 243 wssm and 7mm08 and have yet to flop one that didn't get back up with a high shoulder shot. Meat loss is minimal and that is important since venison is our primary meat for the year. But I have a friend that uses it for elk.. it's all about shot placement. I am after the tender 2 year old, not the tough 7 yr old that you will seldom see in Tennessee. Bumping up to a .243 Win. A little deer anatomy and shot placement lesson can go a long way. There are some hunters who don’t think .243 Winchester rounds are large enough to make an ethical shot. Shot a small buck Thanksgiving morning. Whitetail Deer Cartridge Shoot-Out: .30-30 Win. The .243 also had the benefit of being chambered in two fantastic rifles — the Rifleman’s Rifle, the Model 70 and the Model 88 lever action. Personnally if I was buys a rifle for myself I would get a little more punch. The .243 Win. On the down side this shot needs a bullet that’s heavy enough to blow through a substantial bone before expanding. Spiker Whitetail deer, rifle a Model 7 caliber .243. A deer shot neatly through both shoulders isn’t going anywhere. The largest deer killed by anyone in my hunting group in thirty years was taken with a .243 Sierra Gameking 100 grainer at 75 yards. This was a snap shot in woods conditions which typically offers less than ideal shot placement as opposed to a prone position shot. Contrary to the belief held by most hunters, the most suitable place to hit a deer and pick it where the bullet landed on is not on the heart itself but the area just above the heart. They seem to … Shot placement is most important with 243. Outstanding performance on deer. The resultant shock paralyzes the deer nervous system grounding it on the spot. The deer jumped into the air, hit the ground and started pushing with his back legs. The Win .243 is one bad-@ss round. It's basically a .24 projectile sitting on top of a .308 case. My deer ran away on adrenaline and the oxygen still in his system. Unless the bullet is monolithic (solid metal bullets without a jacket) or a hardy, controlled-expansion bullet that’s designed to increase penetration and retain mass, there’s a good chance the round won’t go all the way through the deer. im 34, ive hunted with the same 243 since i was 15. killed a ton of deer with it. Problem here is some hunters can shoot and some cannot ,and gun always seems to take the blaim , shot placement ,smaller guns > easier on shoulder 1 light to carry 2 not to painful to shoot ,personally I think the 257 weatherby is the best rifle ever , always destroyed on the inside, most of the time theres an exit. I've taken more deer with that round than anything else. Your ultimate goal as a hunter is … Read More only deer ive lost were a couple of bad shots to the guts. I found that the .243 with a 60 grain hollow point was very deadly with lung shots. was designed as both a light deer rifle and a varmint cartridge—it can hold its own against high-velocity .22-calibers but still provide enough oomph to take down larger animals. Ammo . He made it about 20 yards and it was over, stopping in sight. 95 grain SST, at maybe 30 yards. I think a lot of guys use a 243 because it will work for deer if proper shot placement is used and if they are recoil sensitive it is great. Shot placement !!! If it’s all you have, get a solid copper bullet, be sure of your shot placement and effective range, and go get some venison. On heavy boned deer, careful shot placement is the key. The.243 Huntsman rifle is the default weapon given to players upon the start of a new game. Unless the bullet is monolithic (solid metal bullets without a jacket) or a hardy, controlled-expansion bullet that’s designed to increase penetration a nd retain mass, there’s a good chance the round won’t go all the way through the deer. As to a larger calibre, that’s a question only you can answer. The gunworks guys are using a 6xc and they have killed bears and deer. This tends to damage a lot of prime meat around the shoulders and upper backstrap. One of the factors necessary for consistent shot placement has to do with the consistency of the firearm bore.