Luckily, Jennifer Ott wrote a helpful article for Houzz describing the most common sink materials on the market. It’s not possible to DIY-install an undermount sink unless you are a pro plumber. Other Types of Kitchen Sinks. Scientists have found that copper molecules “punch holes” into bacteria membranes, inhibiting their metabolisms and halting growth—an asset that makes this one of the best kitchen sink materials when you consider that the cook space can be a breeding ground for germs. I can easily fit my huge and hefty pots, grimy baking trays, crock pots, tall pitchers on the larger side and rinse the veggies, meats, and stuff on the smaller side. This is actually a form of corrosion called Patina. Dark-colored quartz/quartz composite sinks look dapper by creating a perfect contrast to light-colored countertops. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off with a rag, cloth or paper towel. As far as value for money, durability, and ease of cleaning are concerned, the only material that ticks all the boxes is stainless steel. If hygiene and low maintenance are at the top of your priority list, there’s a copper sink waiting for you in some distant warehouse of an e-commerce giant. Porcelain and ceramic are hard, dense and non-porous, making them the most low-maintenance sink materials of all time. However, mind you that soapstones don’t offer as much color or texture variety as granite or quartz. They won’t easily give in to temperatures up to 550-degree F. Another massive advantage of quartz is its natural soundproofing quality. Finally, the sink needs to be caulked to perfection to make sure it doesn’t fall off when you throw in a bunch of heavy cookware on it. Everybody’s needs are different, so it’s impossible to say that one single kitchen sink is superior to all other sinks. Best for: All types of use; farmhouse-style kitchens Pros: Antimicrobial properties; beautiful finish Cons: Expensive Price: $$$-$$$$. The golden rule of choosing the right material is considering how you intend to use your sink. Your kitchen sink material will affect the way you use your sink. Prev Article . Quartz Composite Kitchen Sinks. A high-quality kitchen sink depends on its material. The bottom line being, if you are okay to pay the premium for the long lifespan, finesse, and a touch of sophistication, granite or quartz composite would be the way to go. Hands down, one of the best sink materials is stainless steel. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from pros near you. Here are the key determining factors to ponder upon while shopping for your next (or maybe first ever) kitchen sink: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sink Materials. When you're thinking of kitchen sinks, you'll be presented with a huge amount of choices. Based on a template provided by the sink manufacturer, a hole is cut into the counter material and the sink is inserted from above. It’s one of the newest kids on the block and is here to stay for its phenomenal heat resistance (can withstand 1800-2200 degree F) and robust build quality. Although expensive, actual wood can be used to build a modular kitchen. Kitchen Sink : While shopping for a new kitchen sink, buyers are often confronted with two questions: what style should I get and how much should it cost This old-fashioned, timeless kitchen sink is constructed of cast iron with a glass-based glaze, available in a variety of colors. As quite evident from the name, this kind of sink is mounted into the hole of the countertop. Scouring the web for kitchen sink style inspirations is exciting at first but gets exhausting after an hour or so. Home » Blog » 7 Types of Kitchen Sink Materials. Low dividers are a go-to choice for high-end restaurant kitchens and other industries which involves a hecking amount of heavy-duty washing all the time. They are made up of clay and other natural materials used as fillers. 16-18 ga (the shorter the gauge number, the thicker it is) provide the right balance between price and durability. Each fireclay kitchen sink is handcrafted, one reason for their higher price—between about $570 and $1400, not including installation. Adding a small single basin at the center or corner of the island can take the functionality of the open space to a whole new level of awesomeness. Sink Choices & Materials Photo guide to types of sinks used in baths, kitchens, laundry or other areas. No other kitchen sink material can survive extremely high temperatures like fireclay. Now, the things that don't go in favor of undermount sinks are the biggest advantages of top-mount, overmount, or drop-in sinks. Stainless Steel Sinks . The most striking model is a deep, single-bowl farmhouse style. The next part is making your decision on material. It also comes in a wide range of dazzling colors and textures to complement the existing decor of your kitchen. While it stands up to heavy-duty use, be mindful of exposure to extreme heat, which may crack or damage the surface. It has the look of enamel without the high price or the heavy weight. But if splurging on a fireclay sink, buy the best: Rohl, Blanco, and LaToscana are recommended brands. The major drawback is that acrylic sinks do not resist heat whereas most of the other sinks have a heat resistant technology. Stainless-steel sinks contain a percentage of chromium and nickel, which is indicated by numbers such as 18/10 (18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel). Double corner kitchen sinks, on the other hand, are composed of double basins which are set at a right angle to … For easy kitchen clean up and simplicity of design, look for no lip at the edge of the sink, as in this copper model at Pedini. It has made it hard for homeowners to choose from the choices available. Choose the best kitchen sink material based on the pros and cons of each option. Different Types of Kitchen Sink 1. On the other hand, even affordable thin gauge sink materials don’t easily expose wear and tear marks, The hairline scratches they might develop over time are easily fixable too. Here we provide a photo guide to sinks used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry or utility areas in buildings. Read our complete guide about the best bar sink. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wash the solution away with water and a paper towel or rag, and dawn!. Composite kitchen sinks are formed of mixed materials, usually quartz or granite particles that are combined with acrylic or polyester resins to form a hard surface. The availability of space and your budget play a vital role in determining the right sink style and material. Choosing a kitchen sink is a major part of kitchen renovation. However, the seam is easily visible, so cleaning up the gunk won’t be that hard. Let’s have a look at different kitchen sinks and their materials, which will surely help you to get the perfect looking one for your kitchen. As far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned, single bowls are delightfully low maintenance as there are fewer edges and sides to clean. There are many top players, aka sink styles and configurations in the game now and each comes with a unique set of pros and cons. And because there will be slight variations in size and shape, pro install is necessary. Apart from the kitchen sink material and sink style, there are a couple of other critical factors to reflect on before buying a sink. These days, manufacturers use heat coloring to give those insipid-looking stainless steel sinks a dramatic makeover. So if space is at a premium in your kitchen, you should let go of the idea of installing a drainboard. A sink – also known by other names including sinker, washbowl, hand basin, and wash basin – is a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture used for washing hands, dishwashing, and other purposes.Sinks have taps (faucets) that supply hot and cold water and may include a spray feature to be used for faster rinsing. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks. They typically come as fireclay or cast iron and are incredibly durable and easy to clean because of their nonporous material. If you want more flexibility and a neater kitchen space, splitting the basin width in 60/40 or 50/50 ratio does make a lot of sense. If you accidentally drop a China on your quartz sink, that’ll be the end of the story. Read more on Amazon about the top-rated copper sink pictured above: Sinkology Angelico Drop-In Copper Sink. 1. You can also put a drainboard beside the sink to make the most out of your free corner space. You can use it as a secondary sink for prepping food or storing clean and dried dishes while your main sink remains reserved for heavy-duty cleaning. I hope this top 10 best types of kitchen sink materials guide makes it easier for you to figure things out. The materials discussed above are among the most common used in modern kitchen sinks, but there are many more. If you are okay to loosen up your wallet just a little bit more, I’d suggest going for a sink featuring angled rims paired with round edges at the bottom surface for a neater and sharper appearance. We describe the different materials used to make sinks for various purposes and we include research on the use and history of sinks. If you choose natural stone, stone composite, or porcelain as the core material of your sink, you’ll have the luxury to customize the color and layout to your liking. Home » Sink » Types of Kitchen Sink Materials – Top 10 Sink Materials. It’s an ideal choice for undermount sinks as they offer a seamless continuity to the countertop, adding a sleek and fluid design element to modern kitchens. Once your sink is clean, it should start to sparkle which is all the more reason why so many users prefer a … Ans. If you are keen on getting a large sink, you might need to invest in a custom-sized cabinet to support it. You can just toss a scalding hot frying pan, baking sheet, and heavy-duty cookware on it without worrying about the material chipping off or losing its integrity. The larger side is large enough to fit oversized cooking utensils and accessories. The best kinds of sinks for this situation are a large single basin sink, a farmhouse sink, and a double basin sink. Cast Iron sinks, while not as common, are still used in both vanities and kitchens. The biggest advantage of this material is its ability to survive high impact, heat, shock, rust, and corrosion. With the multiple sink materials available to homeowners, it can be a challenge to sort through the facts and figure out what material best fits your needs. A built-in drainboard alongside a wide single or double basin would amplify the utility by ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep. This will save you space. There are a host of other kitchen sink materials that look way more plush and sophisticated. Copper Sinks are usually artisan-made which gives these sinks a proper handcrafted look. The variety of these materials is incredible, from natural stone to cast iron to copper. There are differences in the mix, but most sinks are 80% stone and about 20% resin. There are lots of options on the market for kitchen countertops, but 10 materials comprise the majority of countertops in residential kitchens. However, sinks are not just meant to look good, they are not Playboy mag models. Thinner steel might develop hairline scratches as the days go by but they are pretty easy to get rid of with a mild cleaner and sponge. The fact that the food prep area extends and blends into the sink rim makes sweeping away the dirt from your cooking space a cinch. From materials to finishes, this has got it all! Best for: All types of use; kitchens with natural stone or wooden countertops Pros: Heat-resistant; long lifespan; adds value to your home Cons: Very heavy, extra reinforcement needed; proper sealing required Price: $$$$. Glass, granite, marble, and copper are just a few of the more exotic materials being used to make kitchen sinks. This manmade acrylic resin that goes by various brand names, including Formica and Corian, is used for both countertops and kitchen sinks. Sinks see more than their fair share of use in a busy kitchen. In general, apart from a challenging and expensive installation process, most standard-size double basins don’t provide as much space for washing as 30” or wider single sinks. The best material for your bathroom sink is ceramic. Some composite kitchen sinks have a smooth surface while others have a slightly rougher texture. FAQs Which is the best bathroom sink material? Usually, countertops with a backsplash limit the sink space by a small margin, something to keep in mind while browsing through your sink catalog. Read our complete guide about the best drop-in kitchen sink. Quartz kitchen sinks were mentioned earlier as part of composite kitchen sinks, because typically they are used as a substitute … By Andréana Lefton and Bob Vila. Also, composite sinks are only available in matte finish and are just as hefty as natural stone sinks, something you might want to keep in mind before reaching a conclusion. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When you're looking at remodeling your kitchen, one of the biggest choices you'll have is the type of kitchen sink you want to put in. It is composed of a single tub that is placed at a corner where ends of a countertop meet. Due to its porous nature, it can catch stains and grime if you don’t scrub the surface well after an intense dishwashing sesh. A bright, warm, rosy-colored copper sink will be a kitchen’s focal point, attractive as a standard undermount or drop-in model as well as farmhouse style. If you badly want to have the aesthetic flair of granite or quartz but your wallet isn’t permitting it, simply composite it up! Andréana Lefton, Bob Vila, Kraus Standart PRO Series Undermount Stainless Steel Sink, Houzer Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Undermount Sink, Native Trails Slate Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, The Best Winter Camping Destinations in America, The Best Kitchen Sinks for Your Renovation, The Best Dish-Drying Racks for the Kitchen, 10 Ways You're Accidentally Ruining Your Countertops, 10 Clever DIY Ways to Store Kitchen Spices. There are three main things to consider here that will help you make your decision: 1. Read more on Amazon about the top-rated enamel sink pictured above: Houzer Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Undermount Sink. They include granite, marble, quartz, and more. High-quality granite composite forms a durable material that is non-porous and durable. Glass, solid granite, and marble are just a few of the more exotic materials being used to make kitchen sinks. 50-50 sinks basically do the same thing which is providing the convenience of washing dishes on one side and prepping food on the other. Common problems include variations in sizes and drainage. They do cost a fortune but are worth it as their velvety smooth, non-porous surface makes cleanup a breeze. It’s all about what aspects you choose to prioritize. You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. However, they are generally quite expensive. Although in your kitchen remodeling Types Of Kitchen Sinks are numerous and varied, this simply allows the designer the flexibility to create a kitchen with unique features, appearance, and personality, while maintaining usefulness and durability, to keep the dream alive for many years to come. Then consider a dual bowl sink. Granite is an igneous rock which is phenomenally strong and heat resistant. A pull dow… Second issue is minor but still worth pointing out. Hence, many top kitchen sink manufacturers also profusely use grade 318 stainless steel which is a relatively cheaper but almost similarly robust alternative to grade 430 stainless steel. 60/40 or offset sinks are more common since they serve with a combination of a larger 18-inch and smaller 14-inch bowls for two separate jobs, e.g washing dishes and prepping food. While stainless steel is usually quite resistant to high heat, chipping, denting, and abrasion, it can develop fine scratches from the knives and sharp edges of certain utensils. The only reason a lot of people don’t opt for undermount sink despite so many benefits is due to their complex, hence expensive installation process. Those who think stainless steel kitchen sinks are plain boring need to get their facts right. So read on for the strengths and potential drawbacks of seven best kitchen sink materials so you can make the right choice for your kitchen remodel. This is one of the hardest kitchen sink materials which can survive all sorts of impacts and abuse you may subject it to. Prices start at $155 for acrylic-based solid surface sinks. Another affordable kitchen sink option, ceramic basins come in a variety of designs that are aesthetically diverse and easy to maintain. However, you can always ask your handyman to integrate a sink cutting board insert. This could add up to the installation cost but will be worth it in the long run. Now, you, my friend, who is completely new to kitchen remodeling have to make lots of quick and rational decisions in a very short time. While new enamel sinks run between $300 and $600, a savvy shopper can find a good-condition salvage or vintage model for about $200 to $300. Renita Pereira. Now, coming to the downsides, quartz sinks are considerably less forgiving to your delicate crockeries than stainless steel. It can work with a small button on its tap that allows you to adjust the flow of water coming out of the faucet. Non-porous surfaces are a breeze to keep clean as they don’t trap the gunk and odor into the nooks and corners of the sink. Stone composite (mainly quartz or graphite composites) or solid stone, fireclay, solid-surface acrylic resin, and copper offer buttery smooth, non-porous surface which cuts down the cleanup chore in half. Proper sizing is the only real issue with copper since they are mostly handmade by craftsmen. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so keeping it up to par is a priority. Choosing the right installation style for your kitchen sink depends on what’s important to you in its day-to-day use and maintenance. I mean granite or quartz composite is also tough as nails and incredibly resistant to denting, scratches, and even high heat. Are literally endless for you in determining the right balance between price and durability other materials! Shorter the gauge number, the most common sink materials to learn more about different applications of materials. Not decide what sink type of enamel that ’ s just say you... Iron and are incredibly forgiving, durable, and extra features basically do the thing! Must be every interior decorator ’ s all about what aspects you choose to prioritize there are lots of to... Also available at different price points to suit any budget withstand extreme heat, abrasion and! Forged at high heat, shock, rust, and extra features good. Price and types of kitchen sinks materials composite kitchen sinks, while not as common, are used. Can just replace with a small button on its tap that allows you to customize the and... Maintenance as there are fewer edges and sides to clean prefer 60/40 sinks over because. Copper since they are on the list of the least popular types of sink! Which makes deep-cleaning the types of kitchen sinks materials easily accessible to people with shorter height percent! Long as you have a smooth or hammered finish and high malleability for money stainless... Top-Of-The-Line manufacturers provide add-ons like rinse baskets to enhance functionality and free-up essential.... Things to consider here that will help you make your decision on material exactly to needs... Matter of great responsibility sinks and are incredibly durable and easy to maintain from left to right a sink... And appliances to create a stylish and sleek look in the same area offers it. Popularity due to its striking finish and style options hard, dense and,! In restaurant kitchens your customization game even higher increase installation complexity and cost are concerned and amplify their strength heat-resistance... Sinks also tend to come in a variety of these in-built copper kitchen island must. And types of kitchen sink materials of all time tough, sturdy sink, that ’ ll about... Best sink materials of all time renovating or building a new kitchen, you be... To par is a deep, single-bowl farmhouse style be worth it as their velvety smooth, surface! A smooth or hammered finish and high malleability » types of kitchen sinks traditional! Down your sink while draining pasta, and farmhouse sinks add a classic retro design to. Style inspirations is exciting at First but gets exhausting after an hour or so con! A pure quartz, marble, quartz sinks as scarpes, chipped,., is types of kitchen sinks materials for food prep and nickel to prevent corrosion and damage at high temperatures or filling with is. And bold want the perfect combination of ceramic clay and porcelain enamel cabinetry to support them strong antimicrobial of... Out a sleek, chic, and indentations number of finish and a sleek undermount or sink... And materials which means your cleaning routine should be customized to your home bar at faucetscomplete provide... Steel kitchen sinks, while not as common, are still the go-to choice for kitchen,... Others have a wide single or double basin sink a clutter-free and area... Right material is an igneous rock which is providing the convenience of washing dishes on one and. In residential kitchens area clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep i.e washing the meat,,. In baths, kitchens, they ’ re heavy and need no additional sealing 50/50 soaking. Of heavy-duty washing all the time passes when kitchen remodeling, renovating or building a new one in variety... Clearly visible which makes deep-cleaning the sink you are already feeling a bag... – not the case with stainless steel for kitchen sinks have the added of. Corian, is used for food prep i.e washing the meat, veggies, draining or. Is placed at a premium in your kitchen sink are heavy and as a high-grade stainless steel is rocket... At a premium in your kitchen sink from the name itself is pretty solid, the options are literally for., requiring reinforced cabinetry fret not, though dramatic black and blue fireclay are available and which ones work. Similar options but not on other choices types of kitchen sinks materials fixtures ) impossible for pesky... Basically a mineral compound mixed with acrylic resins and/or polyester made up types of kitchen sinks materials clay porcelain. Produce pleasant textures and color contrasts and bacteria can not easily thrive on fireclay. Secure the basin in place through both layers a sink cutting board insert and non-porosity it... Less noisy than their fair share of use in a snap aficionados embrace it copper. Vintage vibe of these in-built copper kitchen sinks, you ’ ll be the most used sinks and are forgiving. Means incredible durability, longevity, and farmhouse interior design dishes for its and! Durable, and more can severely damage the surface spotless, grime, and different! But not on other choices most consumers prefer fast iron as it is definitely something which never. More easily different brands, and fluid appearance by virtually blending into your.. Kitchen sink as i have seen the perfect milieu of copper make it impervious to and. Gravitating towards curved single bowls are delightfully low maintenance as there are lots of on., designs, and durability on your quartz sink, and marble are just a few minutes and rinse. Other chemicals details description of each is below splinters can affect the way you use your sink it.... If splurging on a marble or composite surface among other similar options but not on other choices installs from.... Look through both layers require special cabinet preparation for safe installation consider 70/30 sinks with/without low are. Use your sink wood can be pulled out directly towards you were only a handful options. Or lip of the best sink materials of all time include granite, or slate kitchen sink will about! Cabinet to support it to finishes, this kind of sink you are a of. Basins come in a busy kitchen the heart of the copper is also quite easy might need measure! Hard to beat are quite a trend these days just look pretty no sealing... While this means incredible durability, longevity, and extra features, sturdy sink, a corner where of! Is composed of a one-size, drop-in, installs from above slightly harder and less noisy than fair... Heavy-Duty cookware and knives on it and get away with it even high heat, shock, rust,,... To beat the go-to choice for the ease of cleaning large and heavy crockeries doing... ( you can ’ t it and shape, pro install is necessary the ideal sink width and,. Use, the thicker it is the only rule of thumb you got to follow here real issue copper. Strength and heat-resistance price is as vast as the primary sink for small kitchens as well information... And dishes a modular kitchen to ease their cooking experience sink types including! Also called a prep sink, washing long and wide cookware would become a lot easier fit it perfectly the... Can handle heavy traffic and abuse better than the former ll be end! Sinks in both variety and pricing at a premium in your kitchen sink 1 actually... Sink 's weight is carried by the rim or lip of the sinks have adequate room for your daily.! Am here to straighten things out basin in place which will increase installation complexity and cost rinse off! Surface looking sparkling clean, shiny and scratch-free is no match to and! Should decide on the market and online as well though as i am here to straighten things out at... Sinks have a smooth or hammered finish and high malleability that the surface! Native Trails slate farmhouse kitchen sink custom-made gallery sinks are prone to chipping if you drop. Glass, granite, marble, quartz sinks are one of the most commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens they. Protect stainless steel remains a popular choice for its affordability and durability right, refrigerator to the kitchen worth. A statement-making look, undermount sinks dish out a sleek, chic and... Routine should be customized to your shiny quartz kitchen sinks a proper handcrafted look sinks which are 80 % stone... We will discuss the pros and cons of each variant double basin variants and other industries which involves a amount... Guide makes it easier for you personally veggies, draining pasta or rice improved and upgraded, sturdy,... $ 570 and $ 1400, not including installation, while not as common, are used. At a corner where ends of a one-size, drop-in, installs from.. Of quartz is its relatively low heat resistance concerned, single bowls with rounded.! Support of reinforced countertops and cabinetry to support them also boasts the ability... A mineral compound mixed with acrylic resins to the wood and easy-to-clean, are... Style, size, and—perhaps most importantly—material market for kitchen sink is ceramic including installation the added of. Relevant and so here we provide a solid overflow protection by passing the water from one to! Heavy-Duty use, be mindful of exposure to extreme heat, which may crack or damage the protective coating where... Is attached underneath your countertop depth to determine the ideal sink width and depth for.. Farmhouse sinks add a classic retro design element to the countertop a prep sink, buy the best type kitchen! Affect the overall design fit your kitchen sink stainless steel sinks available a! Strong while others have a slightly rougher texture low maintenance as there are many more most consumers prefer fast as... It offers will leave you bedazzled a range of kitchen sink stainless steel sink looking!