Finally, its 7/8-inch handle is wrapped in its LS Pro Comfort Grip that provides a nice blend of tack and cushion for comfort. The purpose of the USA Baseball bat standard is to ensure wood-like bat performance throughout youth baseball while allowing players to use durable, lightweight materials. We believe that these are quite simply the best youth baseball bats for the money. MAD MAX CAST: NEW!! In comparison to other top of the lineup bats, the Beast Speed packs a slightly more powerful barrel. Bats with bigger drop weights are lighter and vice versa. In this list of the best youth bats for 2019, it is important to note that all of the bats below follow the guidelines and regulations for the new USA bat standard. Now, though, barrels up to 2 5/8” in diameter will be allowed for use under the new standard. If we had to pick the just one, the Rawlings 2019 Quatro Pro would be our number 1 choice. We carry the widest selection of bats from companies like Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Marucci, Mizuno, Old Hickory, and Rawlings.And, of course, there is a massive Composite Baseball Bats for sale store inventory. It is a drop 11, a 2 5/8-inch barreled bat that comes hot out of the wrapper. Kids loved its smooth swing, huge barrel, and how it felt on mishits. USA Baseball believes that this wood-like performance is what’s best for the integrity and the future of the sport. This 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution USA baseball bat is a two-piece, fully composite bat. With the conclusion of our Fall Ball season, baseball is officially over until 2021. The 618 Solo was our top pick for 2018 – It had a great feel, swung light, was available as a drop 11 which suits a large number of players, and was available at the perfect price. Easton USA Baseball Ghost x Youth Bat This particular bat falls at the top of our list because it is simply one of the most powerful hitting tools for youth baseball on the market currently. has the best selection of Baseball Bats from Adult baseball bats to Youth league baseball bats. ADD TO CART. The innovative Ghost X evolution provides unmatched control, and a perfect combination of balanced swing weight, pop and speed when swinging through the zone. Just select your preferred type and we will present you our most recommended bats currently for sale – and with reviews. The comp-lite end cap on the Velo gives it a low swing weight, provides extra balance and produces faster swing speeds. Mark Hertz has played baseball most of his life and ended up getting a scholarship to Louisiana State. New for 2019, the 919 Prime is a welcome addition if Louisville’s Solo and Select 2018 models are anything to go by.Â. On the whole, the Velo is perfect for anyone looking for a light swinging one-piece aluminum bat. Apart from the redesigned grip for more comfort and an enhanced feel, not much has changed from the 2018 version of this bat – which isn’t a bad thing given the 2018 version was a durable, light swinging bat. Social Media. Here are a few factors that’ll help you reach this decision. According to USA Baseball, the new rules are meant to make the game “more uniform,” improve player safety, while ensuring “the long-term integrity of the game.”. The weight of a baseball bat is measured by comparing it to its length – A figure known as the drop-weight. Are you looking for value or are you okay spending top dollar? I'd highly recommend this bat to anyone who is just learning to pick up the sport of baseball. Mad Max Glove Break-In Service: Get FREE Glove Break-In! A sharp taper is preferred by hitters who extend their swing. Success! It features a 2 5/8-inch barrel, and is approved for play in USA leagues or tournaments. It also helps hitters make contact with the pitch more easier than ever. The 3Fusion™ System is engineered into the bat’s taper for fantastic weight distribution and a supremely balanced swing while redirecting sting back into the barrel and away from the hitter’s hands. Presented by Baseball Express, the 2021 USABat lineup features many innovative products and brand-new bat designs, along with the brands that produce them, that continue to push our game forward while maintaining USABat's wood-like standard. The taper refers to how soon the bat goes into the handle. Before you even start to do research on the best one, make sure you find out the rules and regulations of the league your child will be playing in. Best Youth Baseball Bats: Youth bats are lighter (their drop is between -8 and -13) and feature a smaller, 2 1/4″ barrel. Finding the right youth baseball bat can make all of the difference in the world between a great hitter and an elite hitter. Factors such as the league you/your player is in, its regulations, the age/height/weight of your youth player, the drop of the bat in question, it’s size & weight, the material the bat is made out of, and lastly, the price of the bat, all influence your final pick. Fun fact: Composite youth baseball bats have an increased pop in higher temperatures. Its CXN construction, which isolates the handle from the barrel, uses nitrocell foam for a lightweight feel and a more solid connection between the handle and the barrel.Â. One of the major downsides of the new USABat standard is the pop. The 2020 Raptor USA baseball bat is ideal for up and coming youth players (ages 10 and under), looking to learn the game. USSSA will not adopt the rule change but will allow bats that bear the new USA Bat stamp as long as the bats conform to the league’s requirements, e.g. That is your ideal bat size. This Half and Half™ bat utilizes DeMarini’s new Paraflex™ Plus composite handle to provide a lighter swinging bat, superior feel and better energy transfer.Â. This way, batted balls come off the barrel slower, which limits the damage a baseball can cause. USSSA bats must be used in all USSSA-sponsored baseball events, such as the Elite World Series, USSSA World Series, Global Sports World Series and All-American Games. Highly recommended for any player looking to make their plate presence known. While we haven’t found a maximum temperature above which you shouldn’t use your bat, manufacturers have their own suggestions on the minimum temperature at which to use your bat. Sometimes, however, you want your bat to look as good as new. It is widely believed that  Composite Youth bats are more sensitive to temperature changes than most other bats out there. Where do you even begin?? Tee-ball bats cost as little as $30. Breaking a bat is a very real possibility, and the less hits there are on the bat, the less likely it is to break. However, because the new USA Baseball bats have been engineered to have less pop, they are expected to reduce the long ball. Additionally, be sure to check with your coach to confirm which rules apply. Dimpled balls will ruin your bat. Its unique 3-piece design features a MicroForm barrel that is durable, provides a larger sweet spot, and gives off a satisfying pop on contact with the ball. So a bat that is 32 inches in length and weighs 22 oz is a drop 10 bat aka a -10 bat. Check out our comprehensive review on the Complete Hitter - a Multi-Phase hitting program to help bring your hitting game to the next level. Last update on 2020-12-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Powerful. The ball definitely does not jump off the bat like before. 2-5/8” Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8. At the end of the day, a one-solution-fits-all does not exist. The Marucci Cat7 bat is quickly climbing the ranks as the number one spot as one of the best.. The Louisville Slugger Omaha series has made its mark among all youth baseball leagues for years and years. This bat has a  balanced swing weight for better control through the zone, while the enhanced speed cap provides for a more flexible & responsive barrel and an enhanced ping sound. He loves the way this Demarini Voodoo One provides exceptional pop and the weight distribution of the bat gives him some nice bat speed. Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers. 2018 USA Bat Reviews. All 2019 MADES are one-piece designs for all drops. Preference is another factor that isn’t given enough importance. In our review, we cover the best USA bats of 2019, as well as provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide for parents, players and anyone else who’s puzzled about the USABat standard. Best Big Barrel: CF Zen Drop 8 2 3/4. As one of the most highly awaited USA bats of 2019, the CF Zen delivers top shelf performance year after year. Try out different bats until you find the best one for you!