The law provides definitions and establishes the membership requirements, duties of the panel and reporting requirements for the panel. Favorite Answer. If not required, it can be requested, but filing immediate insurance claims is NOT unusual. However, a social autopsy of these deaths is very important in our attempt to understand these deaths. People need the money to pay for expenses. Repealed Act 2015-321 effective June 3, 2015. In the United States, an autopsy is legally mandatory in a number of situations including, but not limited to (Wagner 2009): - Homicides - Suicides - Accidents occurring on the job - Drivers in single-car accidents - Sudden and unexpected deaths of children - Deaths of pilots in airplane crashes - … California Cal. Health & Safety Code § 102865 relate to the medical examiner and autopsies when the cause of death is suspected to be SIDS. In most of these cases, firearms are the method used. Sounds like he is buried already, so it will be difficult and costly. The tables below display characteristics of deaths requiring investigation or autopsy in each state. 10 years ago. An autopsy is not generally necessary when the death is known to be the result of known medical conditions/diseases (ie, natural causes), adequate medical history exists, and there are no signs of foul play. Isn't an autopsy required by law in Alabama? 6 Answers. Anonymous. The deceased is involved in a motor vehicle incident and an autopsy is necessary to document injuries and/or determine the cause of death. Answer Save. (Act 99-366, p. 586, §8.) Government Code § 27491, § 27491.4, § 27491.41 and Cal. While state law does not always require an autopsy when someone dies, any violent, suspicious or accidental death must be investigated by the medical examiner in your state. But with regard to circumstances in which autopsies are required, the laws differ state to state. Arguably the most tragic cause of child death, preventability in this category is often elusive. State and federal statutes dictate the situations in which an autopsy can be done, which fall into two camps: those that are required by law due to the nature of the decedent’s death, and those that may be ordered by a judge in a civil or criminal context, to provide evidence in a … Suicides are the third leading manner of death for 10-17 year-olds. An autopsy is a detailed dissection of a deceased person, done to determine why they died. Code of Alabama features Alabama state laws on agriculture, commercial law, corporations, business, criminal law, eminent domain, health,Military Justice,License . Relevance. States have different requirements for which deaths require investigation or autopsy. 1 0. This report describes states ' laws that directly address the disclosure of crime scene photographs, autopsy reports, and 911 tapes and transcripts.. SUMMARY .