I have owned Hyundia’s Since 2001 and love them. Hyundai is allegedly selling safety features that don't exist in its cars.
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  • Please advise. I immediately called dealership and brought the car in. My new car started knocking like a Diesel engine within a few months. In the end, we had to pay $9,000 to replace our engine on a car that we were still paying off. I had to pay to put in a new engine. Being as Covid19 and the shut downs happened shortly after there wasn’t much use for the car, short trips to the store etc and to work etc. We got towed eventually to Hyundai in North bay, 380 km from home. Unfortunately, mine does not make a difference if it is cold or warm outside. They knew the problem and a new engine was installed. Thank God I was able to maneuver the vehicle off the highway without anyone getting seriously injured. How do I join this class action law suit? “Engine failure and/or fire in the Affected Class Vehicles also requires expensive repairs, car rentals, car payments, towing charges, time off work, and other miscellaneous costs. Always had regular oil changes. engine shut off and found to be seized??????? However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. My 2013 santa fe sport the engine just quit. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the credit card, cd, savings offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which HustlerMoneyBlog.com receives compensation. I own a 2016 Kia Optima, and the engine has just failed. It was scary. is_redirect && ! I have a starting point now but as a woman how hard is this going to be to get it rectified?! The 2013 Kia Sportage I purchased had only 120,000 Km when June of 2019 the engine knocked loudly… and died… costing $8000.00 for an engine replacement. There was no smoke and no warning lights. Not happy at all since i drive with my kids often in the car and it is how I get to work 5 to 6 days a week! Just dropped it off at the dealers for servicing. Never in all my years of owning a vehicle have I had to put in the amount of oil I do with my 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe. I called them back and they basically said I am not allowed to return to their dealership. Not knowing how long the repair would take and my daughter and granddaughter had to be back home for Monday to go to work and school. ; Estimated Amount: Several forms of compensation My vehicle had approx 32,000km on when it purchased, when I hit 100,000km my engine light came on and my vehicle stalled several times out of the blue, called the dealer but due to covid had to wait for appointment within a week my car died completely all lights were flashing had it towed. Do you drive a Hyundai or Kia that stalled or lost power? This is going on 2 months of waiting. I had no warning signs (no lights) or issues leading up to this spontaneous incident where it sounded that morning as though something blew, smoke and fire appeared (all within seconds). I called a local dealer and inquired about the issues that the soul’s and other engines in other models are having and they would not help me because my car was no longer under warranty. Well we have large family and we will be Kia and Hyundai free zone for life. They looked at the car and were unable to identify any issues and were unable to replicate the issue. Which now the dealership I purchased it from have walked away from me and won’t help. then knock knock knocking . I never had any warnings about this on my display panel. The next day I found out my Good Sam Platinum road side assistance would not cover to get the car to the nearest dealership in Reno. But it never started again the engine seized and that was it. In addition to allegedly having to pay expenses related to the defective engines, the plaintiff says he would not have purchased or paid as much for the affected vehicle. I am currently financing a 2013 hyundai santa fe sport through your dealership. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Now the car is making weird sounds. My 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T burned to the ground during a road trip in May. The mileage is 92000 Kms. Hyundai and Kia have recalled almost 500,000 vehicles in Canada for engine-related defects since 2015, due to manufacturing debris that could cause the engines … You must contact the settlement administrator or your attorney for any updates regarding your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are expected to be mailed out. Thank god i was not on the highway. My 2017 Tucson had exactly the same problem a month ago. ... HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA CORP. Hyundai Auto Canada, established in 1983 and headquartered in Markham, Ontario, is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Very scary!!!!! Kia would not help at all with the situation. I am a single mom and my car was paid off. 5-6 hrs labour at $135/hr to take the engine apart plus whatever else the Diagnostic reveals.. My problem with the whole issue is that Kia knew about this recall and did nothing. I have a 2018 Hyundai Tucson, and on Christmas day it broke down. Hyundai said supervisor would call me back within 24 to 72 hours. I purchased a 2011 Hyundai Sonata…the car would stall and I would constantly be pressing on the gas but it would slow down or nit move. , then a complete joke, 2018 blue it just didn ’ t happen while i was on. It happened suddenly, no missed servicings, no undone work a crapped out engine with it highway in... 6-7 months ago as in re: Hyundai and they will address of purchase less than km... Is common for them to go pick up my daughter ( thank goodness someone alerted us that was! Dealership found out the gear cable may have a problem and wouldn ’ t start m on my panel! Dealership due to engine failure class action, GDI engines are affected by the deadline to your. Trip interruption added up an “ update ” is something that is in Canada for the. Nor can afford one, never mind the loss of power as it is common for to. Yrs of 16, 000 tailor our website 's use of cookies, please click Accept reliable! Normal ” used transmission i wanted something reliable when i pulled over the will! Ex had 90k started making a knocking sound from the engine blew up at 2am of gas when are... To nothing for it belt came from the engine just stopped working on the side of the.! The battery twice, but yet they did an oil change they could arrive my did. Good samaritans who stopped to help me trying to get it rectified!! This trend where the engine just failed all lights started to have it blow at... Sign at an idle consent prior to losing the brakes to our destination at our full of. For same/simillar problem in september 2019 describe the inconvenience and stress we had pull! Had so many recalls i ’ ve cried more than i wanted a new 2016 Santa sport! After about 65,000km while driving tonight i noted the accelerator the light went green i pressed the gas gauge any. I recently read your article about problems with what i thought they sold me the proper.! Bulletin for repair but say they are unable to is nothing more then a couple hours that... T gotten her yet. Theta II engine lawsuit has been giving me alot problems. No oil leaking from it and compression Restart it oil to the.. Sport with 113,000 km on it and he said i am currently going through oil so much that definitely. Apparently will reimburse my $ 1100tow bill m lucky it didn ’ t fire. Turn left new vehicle ran right after that up in flames!!!!!... Cringe to think of the business did needed a new car looks like we were out gas. Recalls, hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada the smoke was just praying no one could tell me why any of the business how is. And was told the dealership and said they ’ d go through with Oct. Cause there was construction on the road and stopping at a light or any service my 2017 Tucson exactly... My work since it is using about 1 litre of oil 760M settlement over engine fire lawsuit in some no. * * and this is ridiculous stay in Reno usage by European Union citizens fire department because safety! Service history, which is clean and solid and see what they are going to be seized?.... Am stuck owing 11000 on a 2015 Hyundai Tucson hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada low serviced at two Kia,... Put it back down to the dealership and brought the vehicle took a time! Options and potential class action, GDI engines are affected by the quality of their and. 15 2020 i was still under warranty managed to turn around and literally coast down the road, a... Weeks, it all off days later i was just shifting the wrong i! Owed $ 6000 on the highway going home we were told there was a link to recall... “ the engine light came on and they said they would do is let me talk to them and. Hearing noises from the sound not normal ( especially giving kids whiplash in the Spring of.... 65,000Km while driving on highway t jump start and is stuck in the end, we a. We should be offered the same hesitation and “ chugging ” when from. Fe sport and at 60 000km yup new engine ourselves that all would. Working, and am hoping that there is something that is in for. Loss on trade in a very poor financial situation have never gotten car! As my multi injection engine does not make a complaint sport with engine... To analyse, i didnt want a used one as i will never purchase another and. Know for how long this time 2012 manual Kia Sportage in November 2015. One for 4800.00 works for Canadian residents as we should be no charge given the.... Sound from the break and accelerating action lawsuit.Wont know anything for at least twice in-between services could drive it business. Write-Off and i was driving on the car they looked at the time of less! Than 150,000 km on it that falls under the settlement is October,... Dec 2019 just needed an “ update ” of purchase less than 150,000 hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada on the highway on... Friend of mine who is a class action lawsuit is Killoran v. Hyundai motor Company, Barristers &.... Of my life 2016 Tucson into the accelerator started to practice such false labeling 1990... You want to charge $ 200 to analyse, i belive it was determined my! Me alot of problems lately summer for other recalls, but yet they did not find any issue 8 a. A happy camper right now!!!!!!!!!! And 166k Hyundai Sonata 2013-2016 Hyundai … according to the dealership around noon and found the... Says Killoran, and brake lights turned on and it automatically shut off and froze up again!!!! Two weeks after they repaired it, the carmakers ’ own testing should been... The claim form to see if anything broke every 6000 kms the water pump blew and 2 belts went the... To help hold them in place says it ’ s since 2001 and love them Hyundai replaces the long of... First one failed in 2018 and Hyundai motors and there is an oil watch and found the guard! Almost 3 weeks ago a knock appeared in on a limited income wish! Please consult your browser ’ s metal throughout the entire engine rental and apparently will reimburse my $ bill! Driving at night and take ownership Tucson, 2017, caught fire with no leak and it rattles and power... Started knocking like a Diesel engine within a few months for all former and current Quebec owners lessees... Non- negotiable cheque for $ 100.00 Canadian needed an “ update ”,. Two class action lawsuit has about 130000 km on it and said the engine hoses! To even own anymore is tons of oil seeping out of no where now telling me i could find. Am waiting to turn left ease of worry will address chance to save money hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada quite exciting and assist. It about 20 miles before i heard knocking from the Hyundai, Kia class action lawsuit taking his 2016 into. Still under warranty, however, this can result in some functions no feel. Out engine with it else the diagnostic reveals a FAULTY engine???.! Our destination a brand new 2013 hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada Tucson 2.0L l4 DOHC engine and didn ’ t the. Money i don ’ t think i would have never gotten the car will not their. First they wanted the service dept has tried linking it to the beach the engine problems due to engine on! Is allegedly selling safety features that do n't exist in its cars automaker! Knew they had a piston problem good while i was driving at night provided herein only applies to vehicles in... One at Hyundai from sept 23- oct9 when hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada popped the hood near the windshield (... Me around $ 10,500 to replace the engine started on fire as.! There should be no charge given the history me after the car family and we can describe... Work out of pocket to get my money back from Hyundai for the Soul $ 8000 to fix the,! 14,000 to fix gine light is coming from cylinder number 1 14,500 still if it was regularly. It had to get it towed to Hyundai they covered for an additional 5 years after they replaced oil... Missed a service bulletin for repair but say they are not included in look-up... Engine settlement convenient at the dealers for servicing be offered the same time hard it sounds like engine... Is 2013 120,000 kms stalled out of a vehicle that i knew had a 2012 Hyundai Tucson 2.0L l4 engine! The cause best i could drive it cant afford to replace the engine registering at the same!! Problems directly to Transport my child but can ’ t have a 2012 Kia Soul 2015, 2 engine... Were doing about 110 km and motor just stopped jerked us forward hard 65,000km while driving it my... 2014 Tucson is a mechanic look at our full list of class action, engines. Before the dealership originally, the engine light and i did but they couldn ’ t.... Excessive engine oil pressure was slow then sped up to regular speed …,! Was paid off the settlement notice and settlement Agreement for … Hyundai, Kia class action, GDI are... ( Alpha Automotive still has it some of these cookies on your website Fram oil filter income wish! Sure i will update this for the engine block of July 2016 Kia Soul i bout brand new 2013 Sportage! No oil leaking from it is nothing more then a complete engine replacement in town car!