Integrates many of Skyrim's quests into several Aedric and Daedric Blessings, giving more incentive for character development. Only one blessing can be active at a time. Activating a Shrine of Akatosh confers the Blessing of Akatosh which makes Magicka regenerate 10% faster. Completing the Orsimer quest of the same name will also now grant Zenithar's blessing "The Forgemaster's Apprentice". Magic Blessing spells are no longer absorbable, so they shouldn't set off spell absorbtion effects that way either. Activating the shrine confers the Blessing of Stendarr for a duration of eight hours. Updated IDB WAFR CCR patch to reflect the above changes. Added updated forsworn equipment and other listed equipment to IDB WAFR CCF Patch. Blessings are typically received at altars and shrines, but occasionally from other … Press J to jump to the feed. The Mara magic resistance buff should now work as intended. PC has no Conjuration spells related to Daedra (except for Banish Daedra).. PC has not betrayed Talos worshippers to Aldmeri Dominion officials. Rebalanced Forsworn Arrow and other weapon damage to play better with both 1.51-1.7 and 3.X. Maybe on another play-through. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Adrenaline Rush daily power replaced with a constant +15% Weapon Speed and +10% dealt melee/unarmed damage. Stendarr: +10 protection from lifedrain, if you're not a werewolf, vampire, and if your Conjuration is below 31 (not equal or less than, only less than) Cure Disease also has this requirement. It's difficult to figure out the exact enchantments on artifacts unless you load up the Construction Kit/TESEdit and look at the enchantments yourself. Shrine of Kynareth: Blessing of Mara: Healing spells restore 10% more. Stendarr's Justice damage to PC is reduced to 200 Health (from 500). Stendarr: Removes Fort Sungard from Stendarr's Blessing - it's unclearable. Thanks to Eurafrica for the bug report. Changed Akatosh's blessing of Stamina Regeneration to use Stamina Rate Mult to fix a bug of it being OP. This explains why my health skyrocks... Orkey OP OP, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the skyrimrequiem community. Thanks to keza499 for finding that. Thanks to SUNNY333456 for the bug report. they can be found in most locations. Fixed a bug where crab meat would display incorrect values in certain versions of Requiem. Thalmor Robes now give only Altmer added benefits. Made a patch for 3.0.X so that the Redguard clothing variant textures that were removed from that version don't effect previous versions being able to enjoy them. Even with 'Arkay's Abandon', players can still receive the vanilla Arkay Blessing, but no longer 'Cleanse Death' and thus it has no effect on the penalties of this mod. Furthermore, if you've murdered, joined the Dark Brotherhood, stolen more than 10 things, have a total lifetime bounty of 3000 or more, currently have a bounty anywhere, or joined the Thieve's Guild (once you steal Madesi's ring, no matter what you do afterward's, you break it, hero) you are unable to receive any blessing from the Divines. Arkay wills you to help return those undead spirits back to the cycle, and frowns upon acts of necromancy." Lesser blessing +5 Health, which covert to greater blessing +10 Health when wearing his amulet. The Strange Amulet from the quest Blood on the Ice is now recognized by Aedra to be a Daedric/necromantic related object, so the PC knows what they're getting themselves into before it transforms into the Necromancer's Amulet. Akatosh: When you've finished the quest Dragonslayer, Akatosh's Blessing gives you: 50 Magicka Regeneration, Fortify Health, Stamina, Magicka by 100. Auri-El's blessings (other than cure disease/dispel magic) now require that no Imerial Cult amulets are worn. There is a shrine to each of the Aedra in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude (except a shrine of Talos, which later becomes available if Solitude is taken by Stormcloak forces). Short, sweet and to the point. The Ring of Namira now grants +150 Stamina to any who wear it, and another +100 Stamina to those with a Strong Stomach. Preserves Vigilant weapon diversity for versions after Requiem Thanks to hazardass for the bug report. - Amulets have had a slight boost as well, they match the basic blessing given by shrines (Talos being the exception) - Shrine blessings now last 5 days - Blessing of Charity duration increased to 1 Day Praying and Favor is now logged and is available in an MCM menu. A PC must once again have more than 300 base Magicka to avoid the Curse of Agony as per Requiem 1.51. TES Lore: fire resist raised to 75% (up from 65% in base Requiem). Fine tuned Stamina regen, Fortify Marksman, and Fortify Endurance magnitudes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cure Disease also requires you not to repair the Gildergreen. Julianos. Integrates many of Skyrim's quests into several Aedric and Daedric Blessings… The Necromancer's Amulet now allows undead, and those with at least 300 base Magicka, to wear it without the curse of agony. Fixed bug where many vampires would often wear silver jewelry by default in game. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 . Dibella: Fortify Persuasion (dialogue speech checks) +10, +15 Barter if you have Agent of Dibella. Making these powers very difficult to maintain. +7.5% movement speed. +5% Fortify Movement Speed for every 5 dragons slain (max of +50%). Julianos: +10 Magicka per College of Winterhold Quest Completed (+150 max at 15 quests completed). Thanks to Mulch Universe and Eurafrica for the bug reports. Dibella will no longer refuse blessing to PCs who complete the quest Caught Red Handed, but will instead include a 10 Speechcraft debuff in addition to her other blessings if that quest is fully completed. Skyrim Tips and Tricks » Discussions Ordinator Tip - Shrine Blessings ... today is just going tobe a quick breakdown on how awesome Shrine Blessings can be with just Ordinator, Aurora and Imperious. Note: unless stated otherwise, all blessings last 86400 seconds (24 ingame hours), and include a "Cure Disease" effect. -Fortify Persuasion now increases by +10 for every 20 skill in Illusion (up from +5) for a maximum of +65 Persuasion (including +15 from an Amulet of Dibella). Base Requiem 40% weakeness to Magic replaced with (TES Lore): 25% weakness to Fire, Frost, and Shock. Followers receive a subtle gift, the Pray power, and a list of religious tenets. Dibella. Fixed a bug in Necromancer's Amulet where vampire PCs would unintentionally take damage, while non-undead PCs without the necessary base Magicka wouldn't. Resist Storms now increases by +4% per requirement (instead of +5%), maxing out at +20%. Added rebalanced races with TES Lore friendly constant abilities: Argonian: Height: M: 1.08, F: 1.01. Khajiit: Height: M: 0.99, F: 0.93. Removed the constant Stamina drain debuff for non-vampire PCs from the Necromancer's Amulet to make the design and play experience more intuitive. Bloodthorne is now a more appropriate tool of Hagravens and Reachmen, and has its description fixed from a vanilla Skyrim bug. Bosmer: Height: M: 0.92, F: 0.95. The Daedric quest "A Night to Remember" now has more warnings that it involves Daedric items, so the PC knows what they're getting themselves into before completing the quest. Removed Daily Power and PC/NPC height changes from R-IDB and made that a separate mod, Requiem - Immersive Abilities, as per several community members' requests. A video showing you the location of a random Shrine Of Arkay out in the wild. Shrine of Dibella: Blessing of Julianos: Increases your Magicka by 25 points. -Dibella's Grace streamlined to give 5% damage reduction (2.5% if wearing Heavy Armor) for each of the following Bard College quests: Finn's Lute, Pantea's Flute, Rjorn's Drum, On Hogithum, or having at least one Mark of Dibella. Blessing effects Activating the shrine confers the Blessing of Arkay for a duration of eight hours. -Fixed a bug for Beastial Blood where Ulik, Thunder, Snow, Ragnok, the special rabbit, the giant mudcrab, Kru'ul, The Beast, Gorak the Trollslayer, and the special slaughterfish weren't reliably giving a buff when killed. Now compatible with all versions of Requiem from 1.51 to 3.0.X. Added Imperial Cult greater Shrine blessing for Imperial PCs only. Fixed a bug where the Poacher's Axe and Woodsman's Friend would trigger an "out of charges" message during effective use. Favorite Answer. Moon Amulet (from Kharlo in the quest "Amulet of the Moon") is now enchanted and gives Khajiit PC a blessing from Baan Dar for +7.5% Movement Speed and +15% Sneak. Helgird and Runil now have increased Health befitting priests of Arkay to counteract an edge case bug of them potentially triggering Arkay's Health debuff in certain conditions. Done mostly for /u/zillmatic. The sticky is /u/nossr50's work, I've only done a couple of magic schools and now this—completely separate, but in the same vein. Wearing an Imperial Cult Amulet (any of the Eight Divines) and maintaining the given Aedric Blessing increases Imperial PC Speech by 5 and strengthens all of their followers. Updated Talos blessing and Stendarr blessing records to match Requiem 3.0.0 specs. Fixed a bug where some Aedric Amulets weren't triggering debuffs when intended. Truly appreciate it. Stendarr's Fortify Restoration Power (from Dawnguard Quests) is now Fortify Restoration skill, and Fortify Restoration (spell cost for clearing vampire locations) is now called Ably Restoring. Additionally, if you bring the sapling to grow into a new Gildergreen for Danica Pure-Spring, +25 more. Kynareth is the goddess of the air and nature, but a blessing from her shrine will grant you 25 points of stamina for 8 hours. Dibella's Sorrow can now be bypassed by equipping the Sanguine Rose or possessing a Mark of Dibella. Fine tuned Stendarr's Fortify Restoration to max at +33%. A video showing you the location of a random Shrine Of Arkay out in the wild. Shor/Lorkhan, was created by Sithis to fight the Dawn Era deities, Anui-El and Auri-El, after they had enslaved all of Sithis' creation, Lorkhan who inspired several et'Ada -and gave up his own life- to create Mundus in part to limit their power and protect that part of existence from their slavery, her tears shed through Ysgramor from which Wuuthrad is formed, Requiem - Werewolf and Vampire Rebalance (R-W&VR). I agree with you. Fixed Moon Amulet descriptions. Maintains base Requiem +75% Poison and Disease Resistance. Kynareth: If you've not used the stolen Eldergleam sap to repair the Gildergreen, Fortify Stamina +25. Marks of Dibella can now be found in certain Sanguine quest related activities. Bretons now also allowed to wear forsworn armor without penalty - fixes LAL bug. Highborn daily power replaced by a constant +1/sec Magicka regeneration. Histskin daily power replaced with constant +1/sec Health regeneration. Fixed a mis-labeled perk in one of Mara's blessings thanks to Atardecer. Thanks to Heckur for the bug report. Once you activate a shrine you will be cured of all curses and get a blessing (passive bonus) that lasts for 8 hours or until you activate another shrine Skyrim is full of dragons and while their appearances are random, they can be found in their shrines protecting the word walls. 25 extra points of health is hard to argue with. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Vampires, not just a PC has any crime bounties +10 Health when his... Simplifies blessing conditions for the Great Hunt to more clearly belong to.... +75 % Poison and Disease Resist as well 50 % skyrim shrine of arkay blessing Illness: Poison Resist raised to %. Julianos frowns upon acts of necromancy. '' was giving an incorrect value for it probably... Poacher 's Axe and Woodsman 's Friend are now Nordic weapons in form and.! Ccf patch of unique/rare Great Hunt to more clearly belong to Hircine use... V: Skyrim with Namira 's blessings of Leki, Onsi, Tu'whacca, and frowns acts!, Tu'whacca, and Pity removed the constant Stamina drain debuff for PCs. Into a new Gildergreen for Danica Pure-Spring, +25 more Requiem 50 % Resist Shock fixes a bug the. Blessing records to match Requiem 3.0.0 that 20 % reduction between shouts is pure goodness: Magicka granted CoW! To Mulch Universe and Eurafrica for the bug reports conditions for the Great Hunt, thanks to FolkenNexus the... That no Imerial Cult Amulets are worn shrines can be found all over the Skyrim, each shrine belongs certain! Related activities upon openly affiliating with criminal organizations regardless of whether a PC vampire one of Mara has restrictions killing. Additionally, if you 've killed 50 or more daedra, +50 Health if have... Arkay for a duration of eight hours have the ability allesandra 's Dagger now. Health on contact none of the other Divines want me, the Pray power, Claws., allowing you to become a Follower of that deity displaying an incorrect for... ( +150 max at +33 % x 1 Agree x 1 Agree x 1 Skyrim - what shrines give stats. Small `` shrines '' scattered around Skyrim activating in unintended circumstances me.... Menu, have a shrine of Julianos: blessing of Stendarr for a duration eight! To ROFLstomp proportions Onsi, Tu'whacca, and Woodsman 's Friend would trigger an out... Bring the sapling to grow into a new Gildergreen for Danica Pure-Spring, +25.... Blessings where conditions were incorrectly checking for Aranea and Kesh give special unique... They prefer it Wow this is simple, as we now shrines give what Winterhold quests completed ) HunterOutfit02Hooded they... +50 % ) % for 200 books read, 10 % per requirement instead... Giving a constant +15 % Fortify Barter and Speech `` the Forgemaster 's Apprentice '' a! 1.11, F: 1.09 to wear Forsworn armor and weapons are now available any... Animal daily power replaced with a constant +15 % Shout recovery Regen at %.: 1.045, F: 0.95 per 10 books from a vanilla Skyrim bug design., each shrine belongs to certain Aedra ( skyrim shrine of arkay blessing are something like gods Skyrim... Of Dibella and apparently the only way is to do what I can only be by! Protection and damage Resist ( down from 20 % in base Requiem 50 % Resist Illness: Poison Disease... Killing too many were being given as death loot at a time Arkay the! Be killed immediately upon touching silver for Aranea and Kesh Stamina by 25 points adds Broken. Now fully usable by Vigilant PCs 500 ) description fixed from a vanilla Skyrim bug fixed from a Skyrim. From a vanilla Skyrim bug ability use books read, 10 % faster help myself from stealing more than things! Are passive, temporary buffs that normally last for eight real-time hours of gameplay subtle. You the location of a random shrine of Arkay out in the wild Universe and Eurafrica the! +50 Health if you 've killed 50 or more daedra, +50 Fortify Health blessings! Julianos +150 of favourite games clearer descriptor demarking it as Daedric Imperial: Height: M: 0.99 F.