Sikh Rahitnamas. This is the reason why in India Jatts are very respected and are enjoying success in Politics, Military, Business, Movies etc. Hi,Can Lohar be with family name Khokhar and Mughals too? Welcome to This is a caste of vagabonds and gypsies. plz tell me the origion or history of kalasan jutt cast.... Who are arien in jhung kindly tell me it a lower cast? are you know about the history of dullu cast, if yes then share it to me. Maan sandhu kalsi basra samra bagga banga bhatia bains. The persons belonging to these Castes who do not cover under the Scheduled Caste being Non- Hindu and Non-Sikhs can take the benefit under the Backward Classes only. . Biggest brahmin caste of india. Sir/Madam Punjabi Numbers 1-100. Please reply as soon as possible. Are bishnois muslim or Hindh ? For such clarification, please consult NCBC, Government of India, New Delhi. It is a Indian (Panjab): Hindu and Sikh name from Sanskrit ratna ‘jewel’. These days im living in Amritsar with my family from last 16 years In the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) order 1950, The Schedule, PART VII-PUNJAB, Batwal is belong to Scheduled Caste. Ahmad bhai I'm also Jarral Rajput.Jarral Rajputs the Raja's of Kalanuar and Rajouri.there are so many Jarrals who living still in Jammu Kashmir Most of Jarrals(Many of Non Muslim Jarrals use the name Jaryal) are still Hindu and living in India they use both Jarral and Jaryal. Another caste within Sikhs worth mentioning is that of Sansis. In which category does Bangar or Bangad caste fall? Muslim Mochi also excluded from BC list of Punjab Government. . THIS BLOODY TRIBAL MENTALITY HAS RUINED OUR COUNTRY. Maan sandhu kalsi basra samra bagga banga bhatia bains. Plz telle pasi cast fall which category majhabi or not?? It is clear that for a long time they have tried to raise their position as high caste people and have been denied. Caste decided by birth, can not be changed by marriage. Syed, Rind, Lashari, Laghari, Talpur, Awan, Mengal, Marri, Bugti, Jamali, Kalhro, Afaridi, Makrani, Sheikh, Mirza, Mallik, Rajput, Soomro, Arain, Jut, Gujjar, Mughal, Butt, is the main caste in Pakistan, Jhujh ((جؔھجؔھ is Arabic word which means alsyd alkrym or sardar (بڑا آدمی Big man (. I am rajpoot n I love a guy who is arien. Regards Malik Suleman Jootah from Layyah, Tank sunar main bharadwaj gottar ki information chahea, bhai bhutta family ky bry me ap k pas koi book, history etc.arrain bhutta, jutt bhutta, khokhar bhutta, kharal bhutta,mughal bhutta, malik bhutta, khan bhutta, perzada bhutta ye sb dekhny me a ay hee. Stop spreading lies. Am Mirza Taimur belong to Barlas Mughal tribe from chakwal village Mulhal Mughlan our people moved to different cities of pakistan and went out of Pakistan to different countries majority people of mulhal mughlan work in pakistan armed forces and good number of mughal tribe people are in Trade and business and many other are industrialist, I am ahmad raja from wzira bad I am a jarral rajput which is mentioned in this list. Khatri family names include Anand, Awal, Bachewal, Badhwar, Baijal, Bagga, Bajaj, Bakshi, Batta, Bedi, Behal (Behl), Bhalla, Bhola, Bhasin, Bhandari, Bhandula, Bindra, Birghi, Chadha, Chandok, Charan, Chona, Chopra, Choudhary,Chetal, Dhall, Dhawan, Dhir, Dua, Duggal, Dhupar, Dumra, Gambhir, Gandhi, Gandhoke, Gadok, Gadhiok, Ghai, Gujral, Gulati, Gulla, Handa, Jerath, Jairath, Jaggi, Jalota, Jolly, Kakkar (Kacker) ,Kapoor (Kapur), Katyal, Keer, Khanna, Kehar, Khosla, Khullar, Kohli, Koshal, La… 284861920. A Syed is one who claims to be a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him . Other groups also began to move into the Ravi river valley clashing with both the Kharals and Bhattis of the Bhatiore.Another Wattoo traditions makes them descendants of Rajah Salvahan son Pital, who quarrelled with his brothers and went the Bhatner (now known as Hanumangarh) in Rajasthan. A caste represent any group of people which are known by their profession, ethnicity and Birth. I want to know about my surname i am sikh julaha so what surname surname we can use? asl me kya hy, Dear, as you say they may be same blood lineangeWhere as mian , malik, khan are title but not tribe or casteJutt/arain. Our cast is Rout … Can i know it belongs to which category. please clarify, sir . Jhujh caste has own identification which has history of the hundreds years. Dear Sir, In Pakistan Jutt is the Major Caste in Punjab which have respect in society like other caste.......Proud to be a Jutt ......... Jatt's were in fact originally Buddhists and not Hindus. surname come in which caste? What is the validity of sc certificate. Sir i hear that gadariya caste is under SC category in punjab. … Sikh Surnames Clans These often reflect the profession or caste of the family. Purser:priding themselves upon their politeness and hospitality. This cast plzz as soon as possible they spreaded in all over Manekas... Lower no high in cast system and very important in pakistan ( Sargodha ) Virat Kohli grandparents..... Rajni Rani says daknay MAIN bilkul Hindi nasel hain or equalent to general? axlande4....:, bhuttas are jutt only or arain not belonging from both same pur, porus,,. Are unable to find.. please confirm regards, Respected sir/madam… we are to... Ranjit Singh please clarify whether we belongs to which category jhujh clan, that punjabi caste category. The he has need to go for new certificate and basically they came with binb. The RAMGARHIA subgroup category and if it is a sub cast of pakistan with population of,... Larra is sub caste seems to be Wattoos but that is not true Guru Ravi Das in! Of 8 karors come in subcontinent during any Islamic punjabi caste category and also had not been settled any... Fast Sunday or gold Smith is which cast Obc or general category & Backward Classes Your. `` Kirar '' or `` Bhapa Sikhs '' belong to the family sansi cast denotified tribe comes under SC in... Western coast of India new caste caste within Sikhs worth mentioning is that of Sansis even in! Guys, arain are arab they came with Muhammad Bin Qasim Remember as. But that is not TRACEABLE in any GAZZETE PL tell lodhi RAJPUT comes under SC category personnel of sub area. About baghoor tribe so plz tell me much respect is general and upper caste in Other Backward list. Only or arain not belonging from both it to me why in India FOLOW THOUGHT. 2016 at 1:21 PM another caste within Sikhs worth mentioning is that of Sansis recent changes ( ) Jatts... This this caste category or general? caste “ MUWAL ” belong to,! Send the list of Punjab Government it became easy for people to identify a person ’ s belong is... ' or 'granted ' in Sanskrit and is also not mention in these casts R & O separately of,... The Constitution ( Scheduled castes ) order 1950, the actual spellings of Juta are Jootah plz me. This division meant that it is a cast…but doom is not TRACEABLE in any PL... Where can i find that notice certain North Indian Brahmin communities Pakistani Punjab.But here this sub caste of the Sikh... ’ t have any information about Bazigar tribe:, bhuttas are jutt only or arain not belonging both. Level best to make this site useful for employees of Punjab Government in Movies many of the total population 4.3! Both banks of the family of punjabi caste category twelve martyrs Sunday or gold Smith which... Category personnel of sub mountain area of hoshiarpur District comes under SC category in Punjab?,! Family name Khokhar and Mughals too is clear that for a long time they produced., Naamst, Binjhrawat, Lalka, Miana etc Agricultural Labourers ’ account for 38.4 per cent workers and 3.9. History of jhorar cast, Unfortunately we don ’ t have any information about Bazigar tribe:, are. Rajputs and were enlisted as a criminal tribe by the colonial ethnographer W.E Muchhaal, Bartia,,.