The higher the number, the better the furnace filter is in capturing particles. Sold as a separate device, these cleaners remove airborne contaminants using static electricity. That makes the unit safer not only for humans and pets but also the environment. Buy Genuine Honeywell Filters and Save with our multi filter discount. Find furnace filters at Lowe's today. Our Review: Offering different sizes, types, MERV ratings, and even mini-pleats, Nordic Pure has incredible choices. Filter Performance Rating (FPR) serves as a unified ranking system, yet it lacks figures that make it easy to understand. 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Experts agree the leading cause of equipment failure is a clogged furnace filter. Furnace filters, air conditioning filters, disposable, pleated and custom made air filters. They also help capture allergens, including pet dander and pollen. The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) scale goes from 1 to 16. $25 to $50 (1) $50 to $100 (2) Brand. While some of the larger and more complex heating units used for commercial purposes might require a few additional steps, for the most part, the process is super easy. Especially for big families, people with upper respiratory problems, and large work environments, these filters are excellent since they help prevent the spread of illness. Available in 1", 2" & 4" depths. Specify your requirements using our custom filter creator. There’s one additional advantage of an electric furnace. These tips will make the selection process easier. About once a month, simply run both of these components through the dishwasher. Ultimately, more contaminants filter into rooms, affecting people with allergies and upper respiratory problems. The heat exchanger is a critical component of your furnace. For pleated furnace filters, you have two options — disposable and high-efficiency. Highly Recommended residential & commercial air filter manufacturer. You should replace your home air filters even sooner if you have allergies or pets. For each brand, specific product examples are listed above. Many of these filters are permanent. To achieve the cleanest air quality possible, choose a furnace filter with a high MERV rating or one that ranks at the top of other rating codes. A well-fit air filter not only improves air quality in your home or business, but it can also extend the life of your equipment. You want to live and work in an environment that is clean and healthy. But there’s also a washable type that lasts longer, making it more cost-effective. If you own a multi-unit apartment complex, serve as the property manager, or handle all the maintenance calls, a Prime membership equates to free shipping. Precisionaire Furnace Air Filter 16 " X 16 " X 1 " Fiberglass. x 25 in. For one thing, the Filtrete Micro Allergen filter can trap air particles as small as 0.3 microns. Filtrete™ Smart MPR 1500 Allergen, Bacteria & Virus Air Filters. Hello, my name is Chris and I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. MERV 4. If you have a newly installed furnace, check the documentation it came with. Search Tips - Click Here! For instance, depending on whether you select a permanent or disposable design, you’ll likely spend between $20 and $200. As part of a furnace tune-up, a professional typically checks 15 different areas. When you consider a new residential HVAC system would cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000, depending on the brand and square footage of your home, you want to do everything you can to avoid the failure of your current unit. Consequently, you use more energy. Search over 4000 filters using the 9 digit AAF part # (i.e. Today, a lot of home and business owners go with HEPA filters because they can trap up to 99.97 percent of all airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. If you’ve had your unit for some time, once you replace it with a more modern option, you’ll realize a stark difference. 42 Options. Furnace filters have a wide array of sizes that range from 10” x 10” to around 25” x 30”. Also, more commercial furnaces use true HEPA filters today in units to heat homes. Indoor air polluted with dust, pet dander, second-hand smoke, or smog is responsible for a myriad of health issues from mild headaches and nausea to chronic asthma and even lung cancer. The furnace has either a pilot light or electronic ignition, which lights the burners located within the combustion chamber, causing heat to form in the heat exchanger. Choosing the right furnace air filters for your furnace. You can purchase top-quality furnace filters from any hardware and home improvement store. Its Elite Allergen pleated furnace filter ranks among the best. Later that same century, a Scottish man, named James Watt, developed the first working heating system that operated on steam combined with a connection of pipes. How do you clean a washable furnace filter? This Honeywell 20 in. 3M (2) Furnace Filters. Select a Different Category. In addition, this filter will typically last six months. This company can even customize a furnace filter for your specific heating unit. Regardless if the filter has an MERV, FPR, or MPR rating, the higher the number, the more effective it is. Following are some of the brands that the top experts highly recommend. Shop now! FurnaceFilters.Ca; 140 Advance Blvd. All images on our website are property of their respective owners. MERV 13 and MERV 16 filters were included in Consumer Reports’ 2 FilterBuy can send you customized air filters for any AC & furnace system. Captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and the particles that carry viruses. If you want to improve indoor air quality and are not overly sensitive to allergens, dust, and debris, disposable pleated filters are a good choice. This filter works so well; it’s a perfect choice for homes, as well as manufacturing companies, chemical plants, and other industrial sites. Usually toward the bottom and off to one side of the heating unit is an open slot. 100% Free US Shipping Within 24 Hours. In addition, because the purpose of a filter is to trap contaminants, running a unit without one puts people’s health at risk. 100% Free US Shipping Within 24 Hours. Available in 52 sizes. While you can find these filters in most standard sizes, the one drawback is they cost significantly more. However, for the best selection and the lowest prices, you should start by shopping online at Amazon. List View. You can purchase a new filter for around $3 from any hardware or home improvement store. Whether for a residential or commercial furnace, both gas and electric units require filters. However, if they’ll fit your furnace, it’s worth paying the higher price. Our Review: Lennox has a long history of making superior quality furnace filters, including this product. Therefore, they don’t offer the same level of protection as others do. You can expect improved and cleaner airflow thanks to its four layers of high-grade aluminum combined with two layers of electrostatic media. Beyond all the other factors involved in choosing the best furnace filter, focus most of your attention on the ratings. This technology dates back to the WWII era to remove radioactive dust particles that put soldiers’ lives at risk. At the same time, the blowers begin to operate. It there’s no size listed, use a standard measuring tape for the length, width, and thickness. If you need a customized size, you’ll pay even more. Call Toll Free: (855) 345-8289. In addition, they cannot trap gasses, including volatile organic compounds associated with household cleaning products, new carpeting, wall paint, and furniture. Item #883684. Rated MERV 8. The simple act of installing a $3 furnace filter and having the unit inspected once a year is all it takes to prevent you from facing that situation. With this, you set a thermostat to the desired temperature with the furnace running until it reaches that level. The disposable type filters are a step above disposable fiberglass filters because they work better at trapping smaller particles. These filters prevent dust from blowing through the air and covering furniture, electronics, flooring, countertops, and other surfaces. With this model, the fan changes speed as needed. However, if you opt for a high-efficiency furnace, the venting process goes through a wall. Although an electric unit is more environmentally friendly, the cost to operate it is significantly higher. 331-083-104 *please include dashes in part #) or product name (i.e. For microns as tiny as 0.1, these filters have a 95 percent success rate. Remove odors from cooking, new paint, new carpet, bathroom smells, cigarette and cigar smoke, pet odors, etc. We have your brand and your size, plus many other options to choose from. According to a study performed by the Department of Energy, a clogged furnace filter can increase energy consumption by as much as 15 percent.\. Beyond all the other factors involved in choosing the best furnace filter, focus most of your attention on the ratings. For your heating system to operate properly and efficiently, it relies on the constant recirculation of air. When we think of living healthy, we rarely think of the air we breathe, but actually, the quality of the air we breathe has a great impact on health. MERV has a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 as the best. Rheem AC Filters are hard to find, not with AC Filters 4 Less. With this option, a blower draws air into the cabinet that contains the breakers via a cold-air return. Because the filter works to trap air particles for both your furnace and air-conditioning system, a clog during the hot summer months can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Remember, an efficient furnace uses less energy, which helps reduce noise. However, with so many possibilities, it’s easy to become confused or feel overwhelmed when trying to make the right selection. There’s also the Odor Eliminator with activated carbon that removes foul smells from the air associated with cooking, inside animals, and smoke. It also has an electrostatic technology that reduces the most common types of household allergies such as dust, lint, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, smog, and dust mite debris. However, you’ll see clearly marked arrows on the filter that indicate the correct direction for inserting them. When finished, you’ll receive a full assessment, detailing that everything is okay or whether specific things need repair or replacement.